Thank you for dedicating your life to the journey.
— Dr. Gabrielle Francis, The Herban Alchemist

As an artist, I work with a camera, the land, my hands, spirit and intention to honor, unify and celebrate.

As a healer, I work with my voice, energy medicine, living wisdom traditions, my heart and presence to witness, balance and elevate.

I photograph. I create earth art installations. I support people in private sessions. I exhibit internationally. If you wish to learn more about my professional training and accomplishments, I invite you to review my curriculum vitae.

Asheville, North Carolina, is my home. When I am not photographing, writing, curating or working with clients, I spend time in the woods and near water, drawing in graphite and ink and being in stillness.

Thank you for being here.

(Photograph by John Bagley.)

Savita helped me realize my vision in my first one person art exhibit. Her unimposing questioning and insight opened doors that I could not perceive. She lent the polish and aesthetic flow that gave the exhibit the quality that I can only define as absolute harmony.
— Paul Rubio, Artist